Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative

The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative was started just over two years ago when it became obvious that the community needed to play a more active role in the conservation of the iconic African wild dogs living in the Waterberg.  Reilly Mooney was an obvious choice to head up this initiative having spent a year studying Baboons in the Waterberg.  She is supported by a local committee and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.  It is truly a remarkable story.

The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative (WWDI) is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to the conservation of the endangered, free-roaming African wild dog population living in the Waterberg, Limpopo. The Waterberg contains some of South Africa’s last remaining free-roaming African wild dogs. The dogs’ free-roaming nature makes them important, however, it presents unique challenges to their conservation. The WWDI works with the community to conserve the dogs by raising awareness, providing education, collecting accurate data, boosting the dogs’ ecotourism potential, and mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

The WWDI implements techniques and projects aimed at mitigating human-wild dog conflict. One of these projects is an ecotourism project that leverages the opportunity to view African wild dogs while they remain relatively stationary during their denning season and uses the funds raised to offset the impact to the landowners hosting them during this time. The 2022 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project was a successful operation. Over an 8-week period, 260 guests had the opportunity to view the pack and learn more about wild dogs and the importance of the conservation efforts going into them. Importantly, much-needed funding of R51,354.39 was generated to support the landowners. Through this project, the dogs have helped pay for their own protection and the WWDI has assisted the properties in supporting them during this critical time.

If you would like to become more involved with this wonderful Waterberg Initiative contact:

Reilly Mooney

Project Coordinator

Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative

Mobile +27 0 73 791 6249

Email coordinator@waterbergwilddogs.org.za