Ringing birds in the Waterberg

For the last 14 years a dedicated team from SAFRING and LEDET have been travelling to the Waterberg to spend a week each November capturing, collecting data, and ringing birds before re-releasing them.  This data is sent to SAFRING to be inserted in the SA Ringing database.

On average they capture between 250 and 350 birds during the four days they are here.  So far, they have caught more than 5,000 birds of which about 12 % were recaptures.  The number of different species caught numbers about 130.  The number seen, heard, or identified is more than 200 while there are known to be more than 300 species here.  More recently the Nerina Troga has been spotted here on a few occasions.

The team this year comprised six members with a total aggregate of 140 years’ experience.  The bird ringing has been taking place at Swebeswebe Nature Reserve on the northern slopes of the Waterberg.

Birding is one of the fastest growing aspects of Eco-tourism and the Waterberg has so much to offer.  We would like to encourage the establishment of more birding clubs in the Waterberg

Anyone interested in bird ringing or establishing a Bird Club in the Waterberg is asked to contact:

Joseph Heymans

Cell: 082 807 6741
Email: heymansja@ledet.gov.za

Kobie Raijmakers

Cell: 082 854 4431

Email: raijmakersk@vodacom.co.za