Great progress by Waterberg Research

Waterberg Research Support Centre (WRSC) is a registered NPC and was founded by Marileze Greyling to provide support in the coordination and collation of research in the Waterberg Bio-Region.  

Although still in its infancy, WRSC is laying sound foundations and has so far made a significant impact on the research taking place in the Waterberg.  They have formed alliances, partnerships, and collaborations with key stakeholders, and have a standing MOU as partner of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.

Currently they are developing an open-access database website for the collation of all Waterberg research, biodiversity data and weather data. This will also showcase and promote current projects, needed research projects and more. Please spam WRSC with any historical and current research projects on your properties!

WRSC, through Marilize, is the managing body for the FBIP Waterberg Biodiversity Project.

This is a three-year foundational biodiversity project headed up by Prof. Nigel Barker from the University of Pretoria and involves seven universities and five museums / research institutions.  With only one year of pilot surveys conducted, the project has already delivered some interesting results. The first newsletter was released in August this year.  To obtain the newsletter please send an email to

Left: Pieter Bester, SANBI plant team, pressing delicate specimens in the field (Leobo Private Nature Reserve).

Currently WRSC is also assisting with, affiliated, and collaborating on various projects such as:

  • Long-term Resurrection Bush study – Prof Jill Farrant (UCT)
  • Contracted to work with the UNESCO WBR on its Expansion Initiative as part of the roll-out of the Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) as the management plan of the Biosphere.
  • Together with the Biosphere and various communities, aiding landowners facing prospecting and mining applications on their properties. An important document that all landowners in the Waterberg Bio-Region should familiarize themselves with is the Waterberg District Bio-Regional Plan (WDBRP), which was legislated January 2019.
  • Assisting with various M.Sc. and PhD projects planned to commence in January 2023.

If you have any questions, like to have more information regarding the above or just like to connect, please email Marilize Greyling at