The Waterberg Mountain Complex is a region of special conservation concern. Despite this, there has never been a comprehensive and structured biodiversity survey of the WMC, which will provide much needed data and information for the management of the various Waterberg conservation areas and bordering regions.

The data generated through this project will support the conservation and management activities of numerous stakeholders in the region. Obtaining adequate baseline or foundational biodiversity data for the WMC is important as it will enable more nuanced and informed conservation and land use management strategies.

Both the Bioregional Plan and Biosphere Reserve would benefit immensely from additional data on species diversity, rare species, as well as analyses of ecosystem integrity and ecosystem services. An exciting part of the project is a citizen-science component! In a fun and interactive way anyone and everyone living in or visiting the Waterberg can get involved in documenting the biodiversity of the region. You can even join in the fun with minimal or no knowledge of the animal or plant-life of the Waterberg.

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