LOOK OUT FOR: Queen of the night

This highly invasive plant Cereus jamacaru has been declared a category 1b species in terms of the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations (AIS), National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (Act No 10 of 2004), which necessitates its control, or removal and destruction if possible. It is quite prolific in the Waterberg and needs to be irradicated

Ringing birds in the Waterberg

For the last 14 years a dedicated team from SAFRING and LEDET have been travelling to the Waterberg to spend a week each November capturing, collecting data, and ringing birds before re-releasing them. This data is sent to SAFRING to be inserted in the SA Ringing database.

A new home for rescued pangolins

Lapalala Wilderness is a conservation area in the Waterberg spanning 48,000 ha of breath-taking and diverse habitat. In a historic milestone, Lapalala was declared a formally protected nature reserve by LEDET in 2020, making Lapalala the largest privately owned nature reserve in Limpopo.